Did you know that having a fully Optimized Website can increase your business by over 25%?  Research estimates that 57% abandon a site after waiting 3 second for a page to load. Furthermore, 80% won’t return, When the word web optimization is mentioned, most people are quick to think of search engine optimization. Nonetheless, website optimization is the process of systematically improving the performance of your site to meet your objectives.

As a business owner, you may have different goals in mind such as sales, reducing customer service phone calls or getting more leads. Website optimization can be used to meet these goals.

Here are some more reasons why website optimization is important to your business.

Successful website visits


Visitors come to your site looking for answers to their queries. If they can’t find what they are looking for within seconds, they are likely to leave and go find this information elsewhere. What website optimization does is to reduce these bounce rates. You want your visitors to find a solution or complete a certain task when they get to your website, optimizing your website makes it easy for your visitors to accomplish these tasks.

A more effective website translates to increased sales. You’re not only able to reduce costs, but more people will be interested in what you are offering leading to new sales.

Improved website visibility

Having your website optimized means that you’re more visible to your online audiences and the higher your chances are, of acquiring new leads. A website is more than just the design, it’s also about ensuring that your site is able to convert through the audience you acquire.

User experience


Websites in the past were all about images, videos, flash and ads. However, this has changed and web developers and designers are realizing that complexity and advanced graphics doesn’t help in conversion.  You need to analyze your site and find out areas you can improve on. Some of the questions to ask yourself include, is your site simple to navigate through? Who is your target audience? Is your website modern and up to the set standards?

By improving on these areas, you’ll be able to acquire more leads who could potentially become long –term customers.

Cost effective marketing

Unlike conventional methods of advertising, website optimization offers a greater return on investment. You don’t need to send ridiculous amounts of money advertising your products/service. Having a fully optimized site makes it easier to acquire more customers, thus reducing your marketing budget.

Increased brand awareness and exposure

Website optimization helps leverage the investments you’ve made in your site. A website with images properly optimized, reduced HTTP requests and less 301 redirects is likely to increase your exposure online and reduce bounce rates.

What Should You Optimize on Your Website?

48215573 - digital generated devices on desktop, responsive blank mock-up with travel agency website on screen. all screen graphics are made up.

48215573 – digital generated devices on desktop, responsive blank mock-up with travel agency website on screen. all screen graphics are made up.

Every business is distinctive in terms of the product/service they provide. It’s therefore essential to have the website optimized for different things. You need to first determine what your visitor’s intent is. What are they looking for and how can you provide it? Knowing this will help you achieve that goal. Additionally, you need to know what you’re trying to optimize your site for.

After identifying the priorities for both your site visitors and business, you can them decide on what to optimize first. Some of the areas that you should focus on when optimizing your website include:

Your HTML-Copy pasting HTML from other applications only makes the HTML complex and slows the load times on your web pages. Have some whitespace for ease of readability and also use simple structures.

The home page-This is the first place people land when they visit your website. Spend more time optimizing your homepage, Collect data on what people would want to see more of and come up with a plan that meets those needs.

Landing page-landing pages are bit the same as homepages. A homepage is a special type of landing page. By optimizing your landing page, you can lower your bounce rates and get higher conversions.

Conversion areas- If you have a form or an action that you’d like your users to take, it is wise to investigate your user’s behavior on these pages. Determine how many visit the page and how many get to complete the action.

Optimizing your website not only reduces load times, it also makes it easier for visitors to complete certain actions. The more leads you have, the higher their chances of converting into potential customers. This translates into more sales over time. If you have no idea on how or where to start, a professional can help get your site optimized.