When was the last time you closed a deal on Twitter? While most people understand the value of LinkedIn for sales prospects, only a few know that they can use Twitter to make sales and gain more customers.  Twitter boasts of 300 million active users. This could be potential sales cues, contacts and even insights. All you need is to understand how to reach out to them.


Research shows that companies that use Twitter, get twice as many sales leads compared to companies that don’t. Using Twitter is a great way to spot opportunities as they arise, build relationships and enhance trust with your customer base.

Here are more benefits of Twitter followers for your business

Easy way to conduct a market research

Twitter is a great platform to find trending topics, terms and ideas. One way to find out what your customers would want more of is to simply ask a question and see the kind of feedback you get. What’s more, you get different opinions that you can use to make important decisions when developing your product or service.

Ability to connect with your followers

Unlike other social media platforms where you have to send a link about a product/service to people, Twitter allows you to send a message or a question directly to someone. Additionally, you can monitor direct messages sent to you as well as mentions of your business brand. Having twitter followers from different regions gives you a better perspective of what you should be improving on. It’s also an excellent way to reach different audiences that you wouldn’t have reached out to with conventional advertising methods.

Spread out your ideas

Are you looking to get your brand more recognized? All you need to do is to say something inspirational, humorous or influential. It could be a quote or a business trip and you’ll have it retweeted in a matter of seconds.

Increased traffic to your site

If your business has been struggling to gain any real traffic, try using Twitter. The more followers you have, the higher the chances of generating a cool amount of traffic to your website. Tweet relevant and interesting content from your site to your followers and see how your web traffic will grow.


Improved organic SEO

With a good number of Twitter followers, you’re assured that your content travels faster and wider. When lots of people link to your content, you are building links and this is what Google loves. Over time, you’ll notice that your rank on search engines has gone up.

A great platform to market new products

Launching a new product can be a big deal. Being a startup, you may not have the budget to advertise like big brands. Nonetheless, Twitter is an awesome platform to promote your new products. The more followers you have, the higher the chances of getting referrals from different people. When your followers tweet about the new product, your brand is getting more exposure which could translate into potential clients.

Established thought leader

Every business owner want to be thought of as a leader in their niche. Having more followers leads people to believing that you are great art what you do. Furthermore, you can access industry leaders in your niche and connect.


Online reputation

Running a successful business is not all about profits, you also need to ensure that your online reputation is in check. A large number of followers on Twitter could signify that your online reputation is worth of all the praise. Moreover, it could mean that you are always happy to respond or attend to an unhappy customer to ensure that there is no negative publicity. Make sure that you’re actively keeping tabs on Twitter conversations involving your brand to help you tackle any negativity that may arise.

Boost sales with discounts and special offers

Everybody loves freebies or free discount coupons. Tweet about any discounts or special offers you may be having. You can give away coupons codes to your followers. Through this, you’re not only creating more brand awareness, but you are also attracting more customers.  When your followers tweet about these discounts, there is a guarantee that more people will want to follow you and this means closing more sales.

Eye on competition

Twitter provides you with an easy way to monitor your competition.  You can read what people are saying about your competition and use this information to your advantage. A large number of followers could help you track your different competitors and improve on their weak areas.

These are some of the ways having Twitter followers could benefit your business. Your followers are not just your fans, they are also future prospects. Using some of the tips listed above, you’ll be able to master this game.