Facebook Management

More and more small businesses are increasing their use of social media as a means of engaging with customers and potential customers.
Many businesses, however, struggle with management of their facebook activities to help grow their business. At Black Rhino Media we can take all that away at a price that is not prohibitive.

Facebook Management

Facebook Management

We work for you to do the following:

  • Give your facebook followers information about your products and get them excited about it.
  • Give them some fun ways to interact with you by posting contests and games.
  • Let your followers give you feedback (Ask if they have any ideas to make your site better, what contests they enjoy, ask what products they like and which they don’t, etc).
  • Keep your facebook page active, we don’t go a long time not posting or changing things on your page. You want your page to look like people are excited about your brand and are interacting with you and others on the site, otherwise why would new people like your page?
  • We post something at least once a week sometimes more and we make sure it is highly relevant to your business. On the other end, we don’t bombard your followers with tons of posts. If you do this you can loose those hard earned likes pretty quickly.
  • Increasing the likes on your page increases engagement and thus customers – we work on people visiting your page and liking it.



If you haven’t already got a business page set up, don’t worry – we can take care of that. We will ensure that it reflects your brand and is designed to the highest standard. In business, first impressions really matter, so its important that your business profile or fan pages helps you stand out from the crowd. We will also;

  • Integrate your page with your business blog
  • Manage your facebook account
  • Build up your fans and engage with them
  • Target high profile followers in your niche
  • Compose regular posts ( 3 – 5 Weekly Posts) about your company, your products and industry related topics
  • Use promotions, offers and discounts to drive traffic and increase conversions

With this service you will have a platform on which to interact and engage with loyal fans and customers of your business. As a result, you will enhance your brand and build trust amongst those buying your products and services.







Let us take care of your Facebook Marketing and let you concentrate on what you do best!